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A little while later, I had come up with a scheme. We liked the layout and it served our purposes. I had maxed out the available area. This was our dream house, but I knew it was the top of the line, so to speak. So I sent it over to Diego. He checked through it and came back with some bad news. As with everywhere else in Europe, certain building materials, especially steel and timber had increased shockingly in price. I was aware of this from my work here in Norway also, but it was more than anticipated and it was a stretch for our budget. It was too big a risk to move forward. The only option was to reduce the scope some. I had a rethink and decided that I needed to remodel the house and in some ways, returning to the form of the existing house. By reducing the footprint and keeping a simple form, it would also reduce the costs and bring it more in line with the budget. I made the changes and with a new estimate made, we agreed that this was it. 

It was now the time for Diego and his team to take over. The documentation needed for an application was something I was not going to get involved with, other than a control that it was what I had drawn in the first place. Best to know one’s limitations. That said, Diego and I have worked closely and he ensured that I have been informed all the way. The thermo engineer also designed the heating and cooling system and principles for the house. This not something I am used to, but is part of the application in Italy. Diego also worked on getting in some offers from trusted contractors who he had worked with before for the structure and finishes. The technical installations would be done by another firm.

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