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What a year!

Updated: Feb 5

What a year, glad it's over, but what awaits in this new year?

It’s little over a year ago that the work had to stop on site in Belvedere. Coincidently, it is also just over a year ago that I became aware of the consequences of Covid. Talk about everything going wrong at once, having loaned extra money to temporarily cover the expenses of the build, with the promise of bonus money to repay, inflation out of control and with rising interest rates etc., everything seemed to be working against me. The stress of having to accept the fact that the accountant had made mistakes, and that the bonus money was now a moving target, much more difficult to catch. It has been years since I have had to check my accounts so much. Lots of stress, disappointments and set backs on many fronts, all in one 12 month period. 

However, time has passed and three heart operations later thanks to Covid, we are set, at last, to move on. My new accountant and Diego have helped me through things and most probably rescued the project. The sale of the tax credits has started to come to fruition, although somewhat reduced, due to the late sale of the credits, and at last, I can pay the bills and move on. The team of workers is still intact, as I have always had good communication with them and the trust is still there. Hopefully, we can now move on and finish things. 

So work is starting up again now. First thing is to get the windows and doors installed along with the insect screens. These are all in storage and will close up the house and make it weather tight. Further, we will have the final layer of plaster put on the interior walls. Then we will have to sit down and discuss the order and final finishes. It’s looking like there may be some working holidays ahead, as the budget has taken a hit. I find it difficult to compromise on finish, as I know, I will only be frustrated if I give in to things. Furniture etc can be upgraded later, but tiles are more difficult. The tiles for the whole house are one of two things that have not been ordered yet. The other being a rainwater reservoir for eventual irrigation of the garden around the house. This may have to be put on hold, but is important to me. I think, I might have to take a crash course in using an excavator, to be able to do this and some more of the landscaping myself. Gardening is something I hope to be able to enjoy again, after life being put on hold last year. I have certainly enough to do. The place has not been looked after at all these last twelve months and with a 4000m2 garden, there will be more than enough to do. I hope to make a start with a visit at Easter.

Anyways, for the first time in over a year, I am feeling confident again about finishing and being able to enjoy the property. The struggles are not over, but there is light in the tunnel again.

The dream is still alive. If you want something worth fighting for, just don’t give up.

You’ll get there in the end! 

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