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In the beginning, in a place far far away

Dreams usually remain just that and for many years I thought also that my dream of Italy should remain a fiction of my imagination. The dream has been there for at least 25 years. I don’t know why, but I remember clearly dreaming of being older, sitting on a terrace with a glass of red in my hand and looking out over the landscape, as the sun was setting. I am 52 now, so the dream has been there for pretty much half a lifetime. 

Do dreams come true or do they turn into nightmares? Well only time will tell as we are early on this journey. However experience tells me, that things always cost more than expected and patience is a virtue when dealing with Italian bureaucracy. I don’t think I have signed so many documents in my life, than what I have done in the last few months. Banks, contracts, power of attorney, building applications, more contracts, more applications for electricity, water etc etc. It can be a little overwhelming, but you just have to get through it. Italians are wonderful people and want to help you. Through some friends I found a partner, Diego, who has been essential in our journey. He has become a friend, although at this stage we are still the clients. However, I would say having someone on the ground makes life so much easier. 

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