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11. Coming up out of the ground

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

A week has gone by, since the pile foundations were completed. A light layer of concrete has been poured, to give a level platform for further foundation works, including the ground beams that connect the piles and make it to one structure. The insulation will be laid between and around these before the floor slab will be poured. Which ought to be poured next week. Then we need to fill around the construction again and then we can begin with the walls in the new year.

I have unfortunately been ill and haven’t really managed to do anything the last week. Thankfully not covid, but the normal flu, which has been bad enough.

Funny how small the building looks at this stage. Well, it's not huge in any case, but not small either. The ground floor measures 112m2 brutto (1200 sq ft in old money). When I say brutto I mean, including the walls. The first floor is a little smaller at 102 m2 or 1000 sq ft. The living areas will be on the ground floor, with a generous entrance, half bath with laundry and an exterior technical room. I designed it with the generous space on entering, considering that we or our guests will often be arriving with suitcases and bags. I want to be able to greet people without falling over luggage etc. It will lead right through to the living room and the view beyond. I have tried to keep it open, yet zoned on the ground floor. There is therefore only planned one door. One does need some privacy in the bathroom ;). The ceilings are high (3m or 10ft) as are the windows and french doors (2,5m or 8ft 2"). This increase in volume will help with the feeling of space.

Upstairs there will be 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. They will not be very large, but there will be enough space for a double bed in each. I think they will feel very generous in any case because of the volume and the added height given by the exposed roof line in all the rooms. I think this will add lots of character also, with beams and terracotta tiles on show.

Sorry, but it has been a very long time since I have sketched anything of this type, but maybe you will get some sort of feeling for space.

Just to mention, I was interviewed by the Daily Express (a national newspaper in England)

about the project and the bonus system or more correctly, the tax credit system. The system is under revision right now, but maybe I can explain a bit more about it in the next post if it is of interest to any of you. Let me know if it is!

Stay safe everybody and may I take the opportunity to wish you all "Buon Natale"wherever you are!

I hope you are enjoying the posts. Tell me what you like and/or dislike about them. I know a lot of you are Norwegian (my home), is there anything I can explain better or needs translating? Do any of you dream of a place in Italy? Can I help you begin to realise your dream?

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Martin Spencer
Martin Spencer
Dec 21, 2021

Looks like it's going to be fabulous. It must be very exciting for you. I would find a project this big daunting. What do the neighbours think? You must be the talk of the village.

Roger Hampton
Roger Hampton
Dec 21, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Martin. It is small compared to the projects I am used to, but a little daunting due to the distance and not having a full grasp of the language, yet. I am not sure what the neighbours think, to be truthful. We met a wonderful elderly lady in the summer and she was happy that something was going to happen. I am sure there are many in the village who are wondering who we are :)

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