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15. Spring is in the air!

Things are moving on swiftly in Belvedere. Since my last blogpost, the house has grown significantly and is now up to the headers over the windows on the second floor. The most interesting was the laying of the beams for the dividing floor construction. The large chestnut beams were laid and crossed by further purlins that carry the hand made “tavelle” or clay/terracotta tiles that in turn create the form work for the reinforced concrete that gives the floor its structural integrity. The construction is beautiful and will only get better over time, when the walls etc eventually get plastered and the windows are set in.

The beams, although new, give more than just a hint to the past. Chestnut is not a timber that is used much in the other countries I have worked in. Perhaps you are aware of others. It has a beautiful warm colour and the dimensions give a real sense of solidity. The beams are likely massively over dimensioned, but it is important with the visual also.

As I have mentioned many times before, Italy has a building boom right now. The bonus system is in part responsible. Supply of materials is difficult compared to a normal market. However, one has to keep in mind that Italy is part of a common market with the countries around. I have been receiving offers for windows in Italy, which are both expensive and with long delivery times. The quality is great, but it is forcing me to see elsewhere. I have the budget I have and I must do what I have to do to hold it, without reducing our standards. I hope I have been successful in Austria, but the next week or so will be decisive. In Austria I have been promised ca 8 weeks delivery, whereas in Italy it was more like 6 months. There is also a large difference in price, which will help us keep on track with the budget, or at least almost. However, I must be careful how it is paid for etc. the documentation needs to be correct for it to be included in the superbonus. The way forward is not always a straight line, but we are moving forward. Not all technicians in Italy are able to or willing to work like this. My advantage is, of course that I am an architect myself. I understand what needs to be done and asked for. It also helps that I speak German and have some connections that I have been able to use. I realise that not everybody has these advantages.

I am looking forward to returning in a couple of weeks time. My wife and daughter will accompany me this time, which will be great. We will be thinking about the landscaping as well as furnishings and the kitchen. We want to combine some new pieces with used wooden furniture. We are looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Of course, when I am there, I have to take advantage of the good food and beautiful surroundings. I was with a couple of friends this time, and we visited a few of the local towns and villages as well as the building site. Here a glimpse of some of the sights in the area.

The food and beverages are also great. We treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner each evening, testing various restaurants. The dinner on the last evening was really impressive, if a little much for us all!

And of course, it was the beginning of spring. The birds were singing, the neighbours were out, and the trees had began to flower.

And finally, I did have time to enjoy the views when I was there. The first was from the neighbouring village, Ostra and the second... well that's ours :)

Don't just leave it as a dream. Just remember, dreams do come true, but seldom without a little proaction.

Stay safe everybody and best wishes to you all!

I hope you are enjoying the posts. Tell me what you like and/or dislike about them. I know a lot of you are Norwegian (my home), is there anything I can explain better or needs translating? Do any of you dream of a place in Italy? Can I help you begin to realise your dream?

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Markus Siedler
Markus Siedler
Mar 29, 2022

😍 Looks great!

Roger Hampton
Roger Hampton
Mar 29, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Markus!

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