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7. A first time for everything!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We had booked a trip to Italy, using last years tickets and followed the information intensely regarding the current covid situation. We were relieved to see a positive move in the numbers and felt safe to travel. The government gave the go ahead for travel to Italy only days before and it felt so good to finally be there as a family again. It of course felt somewhat strange that first time we drove to Belvedere Ostrense to see what was ours. First there was an excitement and then a strange silence fell over us as we got closer. Had we made the right decision or was the whole thing a fiasco? The day was overcast, but there was a warm glow inside as we saw the property for the first time. It was as expected, with one exception, the view. It was even better than anticipated and that on a less than average summers day. We explored the plot, excited to find various fruit trees and olive trees. A little walk through the village and we couldn’t stop smiling.

We visited the property a number of times and took with us one of our Italian friends also. We enjoyed every moment and tested the restaurant in the village center. Now we shouldn’t be so surprised, it is often more difficult to find poor food than good in Italy, but wow. We had a fantastic meal with wild boar as the main dish.

Towards the end of the trip it was time for a major step forward in the whole project. I met with Diego and the contractor Stefano. We went through the details of project and the we discussed how we could move forward. The application had not been sent to the local authorities yet. So much had to be in place first. However, we all agreed that we could work together. Although it was not strictly corona friendly, Stefano and I looked one another in the eye and shook hands on the deal. We had a contractor and a contract to move forward. Our aim was to start on site mid to late September.

Diego had been in contact with the technical department at the municipality already, whilst preparing the application. However, it was now August and Ferrogusto was upon us. Everybody was on holidays and we just had to wait.

Even so, the first invoice had to be paid as a part of our agreement. Materials have a much longer delivery time than usual now. This is the same everywhere at the moment. I knew this and was prepared for it. The new timber beams for the house had to be ordered or else there would be a building stop later on. These beams have to be certified or else they will not be passed in an inspection for seismic safety.

This is why we cannot use the original beams from the existing house. They cannot be used for primary structure, unless you get approval before hand. This would take a long time and with no guarantee. We will use these for another covered structure or pergola in the garden later.

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Nov 19, 2021

Very interesting work and I actually know that house.

My grandfather is from Belvedere Ostrense. Though I have lived in Sicily full time for 19 years ( before that 3in Greece) my heart is there in BO and plan to buy something small in town . We love Taverna Degli Archi and also in nearby Jesi.

Following with interest!

Roger Hampton
Roger Hampton
Nov 19, 2021
Replying to

Thanks a lot. So interesting to hear from someone who knows B.O. I love the restaurant too. Looking forward to going back soon and thanks for the tip in Jesi. :)

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